Our Study Abroad Programs

Today, getting education abroad has become an event providing you with considerably crucial advantages. It is going to provide you with appreciable opportunities on your future career to get an abroad experience for a certain time of period for sure.


So what are the experiences that you can gain abroad? For the main ones, language courses, training, summer camps, high school, university, post graduate, doctorate and certificate programmes can be listed.


Study Abroad 


Here, we are presenting you all choices available in the countries mainly in America, then in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Spain, Ireland, Malta and other European countries which are among the most suitable ones for you.


If you would like to take advantage of education abroad opportunities, you can get all the necessary information you need, the most suitable education choice, the fees of the programmes, the beginning and ending dates, the application conditions, the necessary documents e.t.c. by phone or e-mail or by coming to our Office without paying any fee.



Candelas Makes you global 


With other words you do not need to pay any additional fees other than applying to courses on your own.


Since the applications for university, post graduate, doctorate programmes take longer times and require a more professional and careful study and a competent team, a certain consultancy fee is charged for this service.

All the procedures from the determination of the school to study at to the preparation of the exam schedule, from building up the application list to preparing all the necessary documents and sending the application package are carried out by us. After the applications, all of the correspondences and procedures with the related school are done by us till the acceptance comes.

You can certainly experience the professionalism and meticulousness the applications related to the academic education require, the teamwork as the only way through fulfilling all these and the sense of trust that will come with these.



The Seal of Trust

  • 15 May 2018, Tuesday
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