Our children learn English very quickly and effectively by taking private English lessons on the days and hours we plan together. The Kiddy English program is a Private English Lesson program prepared at international standards.
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About Kiddy English - English Courses for Children

With our Kiddy English program, students between the ages of 6 and 13 receive one-on-one English lessons from us in a private tutoring format.

KIDDY ENGLISH adopts the Natural Approach method and applies it in its lessons.

Our young and dynamic teachers enable your child to learn English while having fun.

Our course is planned in 40-hour packages.

When you purchase a 40-hour course, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

We plan the most suitable class days and times for your child with you.

Your child takes private lessons with the teacher on the scheduled days and hours.

Each lesson is 45 minutes.

All materials are provided to you free of charge during the course.

Grammar + Reading + Listening + Speaking + Vocabulary learning skills are developed equally in the lessons.

Your child's free time is provided to fill in English, and the learning speed is increased.

We check the learning progress with follow-ups and reporting throughout the course and periodically share these reports with you.

When you complete your course, you are entitled to receive a Candelas International Education certificate.

You can choose this lesson and plan according to your child's age.

If you wish, you can purchase our 4-hour trial and recognition lessons before purchasing this course and get to know us and our education system closely.

Before buying a lesson! - Please read our cancellation / refund policy.