You can improve your English speaking skills by joining our Online English Speaking clubs suitable for your level. Speak and Learn English.
English Level Placement Test
VAT included. Installments to credit card.

About English Speaking Club

In the English Speaking Club, you will have the opportunity to speak and practice English once a week.

You will take two classes a day each week. Speaking lessons are given by professional and dynamic teachers whose native language is English.

These lessons are group lessons. There is a maximum of 10 students in the group you will join.

The most important feature of the English Speaking Club is that you do not make any commitments. There is no subscription system.

You make the payment whenever you want, and you can attend the lessons that month. When you run out of credit, you make another purchase and attend new lessons.

When you enrol in a speaking club, you will have purchased 8 lesson hours for 4 weeks, which you will take 2 hours on 1 day/week. When you complete these 8 lessons, you will be completing your one-month course. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes.

If there is a day you miss, you can compensate for the missed lesson in the following weeks. Thus, you will not lose any benefits and will have your course easily.

In each lesson, your teacher will make different activities on a new and up-to-date topic, make you talk, give feedback, and correct your mistakes.

​Now, you can plan your lesson. When you purchase this course, we will contact you in 24 hours and go over your schedule.

Before you choose your lesson, please complete the LEVEL PLACEMENT TEST. You must assess your level before choosing a course.

You can choose one of these courses:

A1-A2 Elementary Level English Speaking Club

B1-B2 Intermediate Level English Speaking Club

C1-C2 Level English Speaking Club

Before buying a course, please read our Cancellation / Refund Policy.


English Speaking Club lessons are for RECOGNITION and TRIAL purposes, so they do not have cancellation and refund rights.  

When you enrol, you purchase a total of 8-course hours for a 4-week program. You have to complete a total of 8 lessons in 2 hours a day within 4 weeks.  

If there is any lesson that you could not attend due to force majeure, you can inform us. 

We will offer additional lessons to you, and you can complete the lessons you could not attend within a maximum of 2 weeks.  

You must take all your 8 lessons within a maximum of seven weeks (4 + 2) from the date you enrol in a speaking club. After 6 weeks, any lessons you do not take are considered completed. In this case, you have to make a new purchase.