My name is Andreea Vasile, 23 years old; I live in Bucharest, Romania and I am a student in the second year in “Spiru Haret” University, majoring in Psychology. In December 2008, I decided I wanted to go to the Walt Disney World, in Orlando, FL, to work the summer there again. I had been there in the summer of 2007 and it was the greatest experience, therefore I wanted to repeat it. After searching the internet for recruiting agencies in my hometown and in Romania, I found out that there weren’t any at the given time. So I wrote a letter to the Walt Disney World International Recruiting Team. They were kind enough to reply my email but they told me that I need a recruiting agency from my country to go there again. After doing some research, and talking to Jill Jacobsen, International Recruiter for the WDW, I found out that there was one possibility for me to return to Florida. And that was CANDELAS INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY (www.candelaslegitim.com), a Recruiting Agency in Turkey. So I wrote them. After a while, Mr. Akin Demir, replied, saying that it was no problem to go to Ankara for the interview which would take place in March, with Jill Jacobsen from WDW. Mr. Akin Demir was more than kind to me, helped me with all the information I needed, gave me good advice about everything I asked for before and after the interview in Ankara. While there, he was nice to me, he thanked me for going there for the interview, and made me feel real good about having to make the interview there, although I was alone and didn’t know anyone in Turkey. He offered all his support to me and gave it to me whenever I needed it. I got the interview for Walt Disney World, and I’m leaving next week to Florida. After the interview which took place in Ankara, I had to come back to Bucharest in order to have a visa interview at the United States Consulate. Mr. Akin and I kept in contact through email and telephone, he was a very good mediator between me and the Embassy of the United States, providing important information to me and sending me emails about what was needed for the visa interview. After the visa interview, which went well, I called Mr. Akin Demir to tell him that I got the visa, and he was again very thoughtful and thanked me for letting him know. We continued to talk through emails about the next steps which I had to make in order for everything to be prepared for my leaving. All in all, Mr. Akin Demir’s support was very important for my trip to the United States and I couldn’t have done it without him. For any other information I can provide, my email address is: Sincerely, Andreea Vasile

  • 17 September 2010, Friday