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This program, by Candelas International Education, which is the agent of CLIMB LEVEL 4 in Turkey and a specialized education provider,  is a high quality English course which is given face to face and ONLINE for people who would like to be pilots, air traffic controllers and hostesses or who are already working in this sector but need to develop their English level to meet the requirements of "ICAO 4 level".

Please see the details of the program below:

Candelas Aviation English Program

Aviation English


For the Candelas Aviation Program, the student must have a minimum level of B2. The student below B2 level is guided to develop his/her general English level first.

From the B2 level, the student receives Grammar + Reading + Listening + Writing + Speaking lessons along with specially designed Aviation English lessons.

Besides these lessons, the student gets enrolled into the world famous CLIMB LEVEL 4 aviation English program for 100 hours upon his/her request.

This 100-hour Climb Level 4 English Program is an internet based self-study program and the student completes this program under the supervision of an English teacher from Candelas. With these online lessons, you will be able to improve your aviation vocabulary, listening, speaking and other skills to meet the requirements of ICAO 4 standard.


The details of Candelas Aviation English Program are as follows:




Aviation English




(C1) Intermediate:


(C2) Upper-Intermediate:



100 hours

(70 hours face to face + 30 hours online)



Aviation English


Climb Level 4+



Important Details:

1-  The target of this course is to enhance your level above C1 level and prepare you for ICAO 4 level exams including Structure + Reading + Vocabulary + Listening and Speaking.?

2-  The focus is on aviation English and vocabulary along with improving your speaking + listening + reading and structure.

3-  Some lesson functions are using the ICAO alphabet, expressing necessity, orders & requests, warning, suggesting solutions to the problems..etc.

4-  This program has been designed for one-to-one learning. If you are a group of friends, there might be special discounts and promotions over some part of the course.

5-  If you are not likely to take the course face to face, do not worry. You can take it ONLINE LIVE with our professional teachers in our virtual classrooms. 


What is CLIMB LEVEL 4 program?


climb level 4 certificate


Climb Level 4 is an internet-based, English language assessment and training solution.  Climb Level 4 is designed to enable ATCOs (air traffic controllers), aviation students and pilots to meet the ICAO language proficiency requirements through independent study.

Using the latest techniques in Speech Recognition technology it covers all 6 of the language skills required to achieve ICAO level 4 and above:

* pronunciation

* vocabulary

* structure (grammar)

* comprehension

* fluency

* interactions 

Climb Level 4 is most suitable for pilots and controllers whose level of English is presently ICAO level 3 or 4 and who wish to improve to level ICAO 4 or 5.  All of the exercises and reference material in Climb Level 4 are aviation-related - this helps to maintain a high level of student motivation. 

Throughout the training programme, students can choose to receive clues, check their answers or see the correct answers at any time. This means the student is in full control.


This program is integrated in the Candelas Aviation English Programme. However, you can purchase ONLY Climb Level 4 programme too. If you would like to purchase the Climb Level 4 programme ONLY, please watch the video below and visit the web site.  



ankara icao 4 hazırlık

After reviewing the programme, if you are certain to buy Climb Level 4 online aviation English programme, please send an e-mail to the e-mail address info@candelasegitim.com with your personal details, your name, surname and request. You can also fill in the form by visiting the link below. We will certainly return to your request as soon as possible.  


ankara ingilizce kursu


Upon completing the Candelas Aviation English and Climb Level 4 programmes, you will receive a Candelas Aviation English Certificate and a Climb Level 4 Certificate.


Aviation certificate


"Candelas Aviation English" and "Climb Level 4ONLINE Aviation English Programs Wherever you are... and whenever you want... 

Online English

For further information and details please contact us.


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