Candelas Academy International English Language Course

By means of International Academic Year English Language Course, you will receive intensive, fast, and professional education. When you attend this course, you can improve your English as if you stayed abroad for one year or you studied preparatory school at a university like METU, Bilkent etc.

At the end of the course, you will be able to prepare yourself for English exams such as TOEFL, YDS, IELTS and you will be able to score your level.

This course focuses on improving your reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar skills. Also, you will have a chance to have a class with a native teacher in each level. The course goes together with native teachers and Turkish teachers. In this way, it is provided to improve your language skills quickly.

This course is taught in Language School format. You will receive education at every weekday. There are no lessons at weekends. Please check out the details of the education program.

CANDELAS Academy English Language School Program Program for groups of 4 - 8 person

Candelas Academy

Academic English Language School


General English 



Elementary                A1 – A2

120 hours

Basic English level

Pre-Intermediate       B1

120 hours


Intermediate              B2

120 hours


Upper-Intermediate   C1

120 hours



Advanced Level         C2


120 hours

If you are not going to take any exams, this is the proficiency level. Besides advanced level education, extra activities are provided according to the needs of the group. 

The student will take this part extra. They can prepare themselves for the exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, YDS

As from this level, students can prepare for a specific exam. If you prepare for an exam at this level, the rate of getting the score you aim to take will be %96 minimum. 


*  Lessons are planned as 15 hours in a week, 3 hours in a day. Each course lasts 50 minutes.

*  The group lessons will  be started with at least 4 persons. The group is consists of maximum 8 persons.

*  The students’ level is assessed as a result of the Placement Test. Students at any level are accepted.

*  A person, who takes all the courses, will take 15 hours in a week. He/She will pass all the levels at 40 weeks. This duration will change in accordance with your beginning level.

*  This education is appropriate to The Common European Framework of Reference for Language. Students’ success is evaluated via tests and placement tests will be held at the end of each level.

*  At the end of the education process, our students are provided with the opportunity of studying abroad (2 – 36 weeks) if they wish. We will make  up to %15 special discount to the students who’ve taken courses from us.

*  This education is perfect especially for the students who cannot afford studying abroad, for the students who cannot study preparation at private universities and for the students who cannot keep up with their education at their preparation schools.

*  This education can be provided ONLINE to the students who lives out of Ankara or who study abroad.


For further information and enrollment

Telephone: 0 312 431 78 96 

Mobile:  0 532 600 48 21



  • 15 May 2018, Tuesday
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