Elementary Level English Lessons - A1 & A2 (Explained in English)

Lesson 1: Noun + Is + Noun
Lesson 2: Noun + Are + Noun
Lesson 3: Pronoun + Be + Noun
Lesson 4: Be + Adjective
Lesson 5: Be + Location
Lesson 6: Yes/No Questions with Be
Lesson 7: Where Questions with Be
Lesson 8: Using Have, Has and Possessive Adjectives
Lesson 9: Using This, That, These Those
Lesson 10: What and Who Questions with Be
Lesson 11: Using It to Talk about Time
Lesson 12: Simple Present Tense
Lesson 13: Frequency Adverbs in Simple Present Tense
Lesson 14: Spelling and Pronunciation of Final (-s)
Lesson 15: Negatives and Questions in Simple Present Tense
Lesson 16: Information Questions in Simple Present Tense
Lesson 17: Present Continuous Tense
Lesson 18: Questions is Present Continuous Tense
Lesson 19: Using Present Continuous to Express Future Time
Lesson 20: Non-Action Verbs
Lesson 21: Use of Some Non-Action Verbs
Lesson 22: Would Like
Lesson 23: Comparing the Uses of Think
Lesson 24: Usage of There is and There are
Lesson 25: Prepositions of Location
Lesson 26: Subject Pronouns and Object Pronouns
Lesson 27: Singular and Plural Nouns
Lesson 28: Countable and Uncountable Nouns
Lesson 29: Using THE
Lesson 30: Indefinite Pronouns
Lesson 31: Simple Past Tense with Be
Lesson 32: Simple Past Tense with Regular Verbs
Lesson 33: Simple Past Tense with Irregular Verbs
Lesson 34: Questions and Negatives in Simple Past Tense
Lesson 35: Who, What and Which Questions in Simple Past Tense
Lesson 36: Time Clauses - Before, After and When
Lesson 37: Expressing Future Time with Will
Lesson 38: Expressing Future Time with Be Going To
Lesson 39: Time Words Used in Past Time and Future Time
Lesson 40: What + Do Questions
Lesson 41: May, Might and Will for Present and Future Possibility
Lesson 42: Past and Future Time Clauses - Before, After and When
Lesson 43: If Clauses
Lesson 44: Expressing Ability with CAN, COULD and BE ABLE TO
Lesson 45: Using Very and Too with Adjectives
Lesson 46: Too + Adjective
Lesson 47: Using Enough with Adjectives and Nouns
Lesson 48: Polite Requests with May, Could, Can, Would
Lesson 49: Imperatives
Lesson 50: Modifying Nouns with Adjectives and Nouns
Lesson 51: Word Order Of Adjectives
Lesson 52: Ouantity with All of, Most of, Some of, One of, None of
Lesson 53: Every + Noun
Lesson 54: Possessives
Lesson 55: Direct and Indirect Objects
Lesson 56: Purpose with FOR and TO
Lesson 57: Comparisons - The Same, Similar, Different, Like, Alike
Lesson 58: Comparatives
Lesson 59: Comparisons with As...As, Less, But
Lesson 60: Superlatives
Lesson 61: Adverbs
Lesson 62: Comparisons with Adverbs
Lesson 63: Using SHOULD
Lesson 64: Using Let's and Why Don't
Lesson 65: Using Have To
Lesson 66: Using Must
Lesson 67: Past Continuous Tense
Lesson 68: Past Habits - Used To
Lesson 69: Present Perfect Tense
Lesson 70: Conditionals
Lesson 71: Tag Questions
Lesson 72: Past Perfect Tense