GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) Preparation Course

The GMAT is a 3½-hour standardized exam designed to predict how test takers will perform academically in MBA (Masters in Business Administration) programs. GMAT scores are used by graduate business schools to make admission decisions.

Analytical Writing Assessment: According to the GMAT pattern 2017, the Analytical Writing Assessment measures the candidates' ability to think critically and to communicate their ideas. During the assessment test, they have to analyse the reasoning behind an argument and write a critique of that argument. It covers just one topic and candidates are given 30 minutes to complete the test. The Analytical Writing Assessment covers:

•               Analysis of Argument

Integrated Reasoning: The Integrated Reasoning section measures the candidates' ability to evaluate information presented in multiple formats from multiple sources – skills they require to succeed in the technologically advanced, data-driven world. As per the GMAT 2017 test pattern, this section has 12 questions and candidates are given 30 minutes to complete the task.

The questions revolve around:

•               Understanding and interpreting information given in graphics, text and numbers

•               Appraise information from multiple sources

•               Organize data to see relationships and figure out interrelated problems

•               Work out complex problems by combining and manipulating data obtained from multiple sources

Quantitative: The Quantitative section measures the candidates' ability to analyse data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills. The level of mathematics needed to understand and solve the questions in this section of the GMAT test pattern 2017 is similar to what is taught in secondary school classes. As per the test pattern of GMAT 2017, candidates are given 75 minutes to attempt 37 questions. Quantitative Section deals with Data sufficiency and Problem Solving. The areas covered in Problem Solving are:

•               Arithmetic

•               Basic algebra

•               Basic Geometry Concepts

•               Word Problems on the above


Verbal: According to the GMAT test pattern 2017, the Verbal section measures the candidates' ability to read and understand written material, to evaluate arguments, and to correct written material to conform to standard written English. As per the test pattern of GMAT 2017, candidates are given 75 minutes to complete 41 questions. They cover the following areas:

•               Reading Comprehension

•               Sentence Correction

•                Critical Reasoning

How do we give GMAT course?

First of all we will have you take a test. We test the above-mentioned topics in the placement exam.

As a result of your test, we recommend the minimum number of hours you need to take.

Lessons are planned in a one-to-one (private lesson) format. Lesson times are planned suitable to your schedule as much as possible.

You can take these lessons face to face or ONLINE in live classes.

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