How can I improve my English Speaking Skills?

Develop Your English Speaking Skills

Fun? Or tiresome? No matter how it feels during the learning process, it’s never easy to know how to build up English speaking skills. But check out below! There are some fantastic ways that you can improve your English skills and increase your vocabulary with.

  1. You go shopping? Write your shopping list in English.
  2. Send postcards to your friends regularly.
  3. Visit forums in English on web, you may also want to share your opinions there.
  4. Find an English conversation group in your school or course place. You couldn’t? Create one!
  5. Watch TV shows or movies in English.
  6. Why don’t you keep a diary in English? You may read it aloud to yourself and even record your voice.
  7. Find Candelas Education on web. Visit our pages and leave comments
  8. You can also take some online speaking lessons from MyECO- My English Classes Online ;)

  • 31 March 2018, Saturday
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