English Course for Cabin Crew

If you would like to be a Cabin Crew at an airline company but your level of English is not enough, we have just prepared a perfect  program for you.

With the help of this program, it will be easier to pass the examinations of the airline companies such as THY, ATLASJET, PEGASUS...etc. successfully.

Cabin Crew English Preparation Course details are as below. 

Kabin memuru olmak istiyorum

For further information and registration, you can contact us.

60 hours - English Course - With a Turkish Teacher (A1 & A2 - Elementary Level)

30 hours - English Speaking Course - With a Foreign Teacher - Interview Skills in English + Cabin Crew Preparation part.

-------------- -------------

Total 90 - Hours

Important Notice:

* During registration, students will take a level placement test and will be put in groups according to their levels.

* Students whose levels are B2, C1, C2 can take the last part of the course which is composed of 30 hours if they want. For further details

you can contact us.

* Lessons will be on weekdays in the afternoons or evenings or at the weekends.

* If you don't live in Ankara , you can take the classes online - either ONE to ONE or on occasion there is a group , in a GROUP.







For further details and enrollment

+90 312 431 78 96

+90 532 600 48 21


Kabin Memurluğu ingilizce kursu

  • 15 May 2018, Tuesday
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