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Our Military English Program (MEP) is in accordance with the International Standarts.

The Education is given in parallel with the NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG 6001).

This unique education is a wonderful opportunity especially for the military personnel who would like to join missions abroad.

The courses are given by the retired NCOs from the US Army.



* Minimum 2 students are needed in a group to start this program.

* The students who take 2 levels minimum and complete them succesfully will have a right to study 2 week free English course in United Kingdom. ( Please ask for details.)

* It is a must to pre-enroll for the free courses in UK, and the students must be ready to pay for their travel expenses and accommodation.

* The courses are given by the teachers who worked and retired at NATO, United States Embassy, General Staff of Turkey. Students recieve intensive listening and speaking activities.


a. NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 6001, February 20, 2009 (Revision Three).
b. “Campaign, English for the Military,” volumes one through three, 2008 Edition.


Provide comprehensive, professional and quality English language training which emphasizes military vocabulary and terminology to Turkish military and naval officers (subaylar), noncomissioned officers (NCOs) (astsubaylar), highly qualified and specially selected enlisted (erler), and civilian personnel working for the Turkish Armed Forces, with the approval of the Turkish General Staff and in accordance with NATO guidelines.

Candelas' Unique Qualifications:

a.  Instruction is provided by a foreign retired Army NCO who, while on active duty, worked in the US, Europe, and Turkey at various headquarters including several NATO units and the Turkish General Staff.

b. Candelas' experienced teachers are always available to provide extra instruction to our students whenever needed.

c. Candelas provides instruction in, and only in, English. Candelas “thinks English.” This, in and of itself, is another major qualification which should be given serious consideration.

d. Candelas provides “in-country” training and educational opportunities to its clients and is experienced in meeting the needs of those clients while they are in English-language speaking countries; every student who graduates from two of Candelas' MEP programs is given the opportunity to get practical experience and receive additional instruction in England from native speakers of English.

e. Candelas' provides a stress and distraction-free, comfortable learning environment using the latest references, textbooks, CDs, and the Internet.



For Detailed information;


Telephones: +90 312 431 78 96 // +90 505 287 3001


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