SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

The SAT is defined as the Scholastic Assessment Test, now called the SAT Reasoning Test, which is a test that measures the reading, writing and math levels of high school juniors and seniors.

The test is administered by College Board which is a non profit organisation. It is a  useful tool for measuring and comparing the potential of students from different schools and backgrounds.

SAT test content changed in 2016 and is known as NSAT now. The SAT competes with the ACT, the other widely used exam for college admissions in the United States. The ACT, unlike the SAT, has never focused on the idea of "aptitude." Instead, the ACT tests what students have learned in school.

The current SAT covers three required areas and the optional essay:

•  Reading: Test-takers answer questions about passages they read. All questions are multiple choice and based on the passages. Some questions will also ask about tables, graphs, and charts, but no math is required to answer the questions. Total time for this section: 65 minutes.

•  Writing and Language: Test-takers read passages and then are asked to identify and fix mistakes and weaknesses in the language. Total time for this section: 35 minutes.

•  Mathematics: Test-takers answer questions related to the types of math you're likely to encounter in college and your personal life. Topics include algebra, data analysis, working with complex equations, and some basics of trigonometry and geometry. Some questions allow the use of a calculator; some do not. Total time for this section: 80 minutes.

•  Optional Essay: The optional essay exam asks you to read a passage and then make an argument based on that passage. You'll need to support your argument with evidence from the passage. Total time for this section: 50 minutes.

With the redesign of the exam in 2016, the Writing section is now optional, and the exam is scored out of 1600 points (as it had been back before the Writing section had become a required component of the exam). You can earn 200 to 800 points for the Reading/Writing section of the exam, and 800 points for the Math section.

If you're applying to a selective college, you'll probably need to submit scores from at least two SAT Subject Tests.

How do we give SAT course?

First of all we will have you take a test. We test the following topics in the placement exam.

As a result of your test, we recommend the minimum number of hours you need to take.

Lessons are planned in a one-to-one (private lesson) format. Lesson times are planned suitable to your schedule as much as possible.

You can take these lessons face-to-face or ONLINE.


            English Literature,

•               History (U.S. or World),

•               Language (Chinese, French, Hebrew, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Spanish or German),

•               Math (Level 1 or Level 2),

•               Science (Biology-Ecological, Biology-Molecular, Chemistry or Physics)

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