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As Candelas International and Consultancy, we introduce you to a business world of excellence. As known, international standards are changing and developing. For this reason, to work on a cruise ship, your professional knowledge and experience alone are not sufficient anymore. International cruise ships hire staff members according to their success in various interviews.

These interviews require advanced English and applicants have to present their professional knowledge and experiences in English.

Candelas has created a certificate program for you entitled "Advanced English for International Cruise Jobs" after analyzing the needs of the market with many curise chip recruitment companies. 

If you would like to work or gain work experience on cruise ships, experience different cultures and travel the world while working, and make new friends, this program is for you.

Details and conditions of "Advanced English for International Cruise Jobs"

1-)   100 total lessons: every lesson 50 is minutes.

2-)  70 lessons of advanced formal writing, listening, speaking and grammar lessons, given by expert Professional teachers ONLINE ALIVE. The lessons are given live online for those who are outside Turkey or who live in Turkey but have specific time constraints.

3-)  30 lessons of advanced speaking, interview skills and lessons on presenting and marketing yourself. These lessons are given online by expert teachers from "English Success Online" located in Fort Lauderdale, USA, an American company that specializes in providing services for online language learning. In these lessons, you can develop your official English and interview techniques with a foreign teacher.

Upon completion of this 100 hour education program, you earn the Candelas International Education certificate.

This program can be given to Turkish residents as "hybrid classes": a mixture of face-to-face and online education. If you live outside Turkey you can choose to take all your classes online. It is also possible to take all classes online from within Turkey.

Please contact us for fees and payment options.

Legal Terms and Conditions

1. This educational module has been developed suitable to the needs of the market. This program aims to provide the opportunity for those wishing to work on international cruise ships with relevant training and language skills.

2. Legally, Candelas International does not provide personnel placement and has no legal responsibilities in this area. Candelas will only enter into correspondence on educational issues.

3. Completing this educational program successfully is no guarantee that you will pass the interviews of Cruise Ship firms! However it is natural that your chances will increase as a result of your interview techniques training.

4. This educational program is only to increase the English language abilities of candidates and includes a series of seminar opportunities with the aim of aiding career development. This is not a condition or a guarantee of employment with global cruise ship firms.

5. If you believe that your English level is sufficient for interviews, you do not need to take the Advanced English for International Cruise Jobs module! This module is not a prerequisite for intake interviews with Cruise ship firms.

7. You are entitled to take advantage of this opportunity to gain an advantage over your rivals through this educational program, but the outcomes of the interviews will be decided entirely based on your personal knowledge, language skills and personal development. Hence, Candelas International cannot guarantee a job as a result of this education!

8. This education is given in a VIP environment of between 2 - 6 person groups. We reserve the right to cancel the the course If insufficient students sign up, it may be cancelled. However, those who wish may apply for an education program composed of individual private lessons.

9. After the registration of program participants is completed, they will be considered to have accepted these terms and conditions and will sign to confirm this.

10. In order to benefit from this program the student must have at least an Intermediate level of Grammar, Writing, Reading and Speaking. Those wishing to join the program will have to first take an exam. Those who receive much lower levels will be recommended to first join our online or face to face general English language programs.

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For more details of the program, please contact us via E-mail or telephone


Telephone: +90 312 431 78 96

 Mobile:      +90 532 600 48 21


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