I studied in Boston Commons and spent 2 months there. It was really fruitful for me to speak with people from different countries. You learn English all together and have fun, too! My Teacher, Ken Brociner, was very knowledgeable. We spoke about almost everything...From the USA to my country, Turkey. History, cultures, music... So, the books are not the only material for classes, sometimes you just sit face to face and have delightful conversations, which is good for listening and speaking. You learn how to express yourself and back up your opinions. Here, in FLS schools, you learn English and you learn about life, too. Everyday, you have different activities which you can get to know the city better and make lots of friends. When you get home, i mean your homeland, you will have got experiences you'll never forget. I am still in contact with the friends i met in FLS. I want to express my thanks to the FLS Staff and my dear teacher, who can never forget, Ken Brociner.

  • 6 November 2010, Saturday