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Preparation for University and – Foundation Programmes:

The foundation programmes are the ones the students that will apply to the universities in Ireland, England, New Zealand, Australia and Malta. In Turkey, every student who has completed his/her high school education takes this programme. However, those graduated from 4 years technical training schools or completed the first year of university education in Turkey can be excluded from the foundation programme. Universities give the decision of exemption as a result of the applications for bachelor’s degree.

The aim of the foundation programme is to help the student adapt to his/her own education system and to compensate for the deficiencies of the student according to the bachelor’s degree program s/he will choose.

The time period of the programme is between 9-12 months. It is necessary to get at least 5-5,5 score from the IELTS exam to get started to the programme. If one gets a lower score, there is provided an IELTS preparation course for the student before the foundation programme.

The beginning date of the programme for England and Malta is October and January and for Australia and New Zealand; July and February.


These programmes are suitable for the ones who want to get a university education abroad or plan getting a foreign language university education in Turkey or improve his/her English level.


You need a professional assistance when the subject is university education abroad. If you want to get an education in the field you want but do not know where and how to start then apply to us. We can provide you with the programmes among the European universities mainly in America, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
We hope to assist you through our experiences in this important step you are going to take for your future.

Our facilities you can take advantage of

-    Informing on university education abroad and the programmes,

-    Choosing the university suitable for the personal objective.

-    Confirming and providing the application documents and forms that the chosen university ask for

-    Filling in the application forms without any mistakes and sending them to the schools with your files.

-    Following up your application with the officials in the school and make it be finalized.

-    Accommodation, visa, travelling procedures.


Undergraduate Education

Any student graduated from high school can apply fort his but there is a different way for everyone that s/he should follow up according to his/her success average.

For the American universities, the students whose graduation average of high school is minimum 2, 5 – 3 out of 5 can directly apply for 4 year departments of the universities.

The students whose averages are lower can start their education in "Community College” of 2 years and then can switch to universities and complete their 4 years education. The undergraduate programmes in America start in September, January and May.

In Canada, the same system is valid with only a difference, having a higher average like 3, 5 / 5.

Students graduated from high school in Ireland, England, Australia and New Zealand first complete the “Foundation Year " programme lasting 1 year and then can choose university by the help of the grades they have taken from this programme. The beginning dates of the programme are; for England October and January, for Australia and New Zealand July and February.

-    In the European countries, students can choose university according to their graduation averages of high school.
-    For the undergraduate education, students need to apply at least 6 months before the beginning date.

Master’s Degree

It is a programme that the people who have completed undergraduate educations in Turkey and worked long years in the sector.

The graduated people from the related departments of the 4 year universities can apply for the department they want as long as carrying the features the university asking for.

Master’s Degree continues for 2 years mostly beginning in September and January and sometimes in May in America. The law and some MBA Programmes are completed in a year. The programmes in England, Australia and New Zealand are one year. There are some programmes lasting 1.5 years upon business and management. The programmes start in October and January in England and in July and February in New Zealand and Australia. For the Master’s Degree, students need to apply at least 6-8 months before the beginning date.

Universities suggest programmes under the name of "Bridging", "PreMBA", "PreMaster" or "Prerequisite Courses" for the students who have not got the necessary background to apply directly for the Master’s degree in order to make up the deficiencies. This is generally effective for the students who want to apply for a different programme than s/he graduated.

Moreover, students who could not get the necessary scores from TOEFL/ IELTS exams can make up their English deficiencies through Pre-Master, Pre-MBA programmes in the universities if they would like to.

Another significant issue is that the undergraduate graduation average must at least be between 2, 2 - 2, 5 out of 4 to apply for Master’s degree.

PreMBA/ Pre Master Programmes

Once widespread in America, this programme is valid in every other country. It is a programme for the ones who will have Master’s degree education but have deficiencies in English and academic background.

To be able to apply for the programme, it is necessary to get at least 173 from TOEFL and between 5 - 5, 5 from IELTS or to have equal grammar knowledge.

The programme can be taken within the body of universities and Private Schools.

In some America state universities, there can be found long term Pre-MBA diploma programme.

The periods of PreMBA / Pre-Master programmes change between 3-9 months. The beginning dates are in September / October, January and May.

MBA Programmes

MBA (Master of Business Administration) programmes today give the chance of mastering in different areas such as finance, marketing, accounting, human resources, tourism, international trade while previously giving business education.

First appearing in America, MBA became popular later on almost in every country.

The cost of MA programme is between US$6,000 - US$25,000 which is the highest cost among the Master’s degree programmes. The time of the programme is 2 years in Canada and America and between 1- 1,5 years in Australia and New Zealand.

As for the content, it should be emphasized that the programme consists of 3 parts. Firstly, basic education is given. During this basic education, courses like accounting, marketing, economics, finance, organization and management, information technologies, human resources and etc. In the second part, the student takes elective courses in the areas s/he want to concentrate on. In this period, s/he Works as a trainee in the local companies. And the 3rd part is the thesis. It lasts one term and the student makes researches and submits his/her study of 15 – 20 thousand words to the university.


The doctorate named as PhD includes writing thesis in a specific area after a three year or longer education and research and arguing it. Students without Master’s degree can also apply for doctorate.  

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