Europe's Most Innovative Universities

Europe's Most Innovative Universities

Being innovative is a very important feature for an educational institution, especially for a university, as universities are institutions that host many innovations in the world. European universities have been institutions that have influenced universities for many years. They still maintain these features today.

Among the top 100 schools in Europe's most innovative universities, the highest number of schools is from Germany with 23 universities. The UK is following Germany with 21 schools. France is third with 18 universities, followed by the Netherlands with nine schools, Belgium with seven schools, Spain and Switzerland with five universities, Italy with four schools, Denmark with three schools, Norway with two schools and Austria and Ireland with one.

Due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit, British institutions have shown a general decline in performance among the top 100, while German and Dutch universities are on the list increasing on average.

The most important features that make a university innovative are the fact that they produce original research, contribute to the production of technologies useful to humanity and encourage the global economy.

Considering all these features, in 2019 Leuven (KU Leuven) became the most innovative university in Europe.

Catholic University of Leuven

The Dutch-speaking school in Flanders, Belgium is 594 years old and has a tradition of effective innovation. Other scientists refer to KU scientists' patents in their patent applications. This is one of the main criteria for the innovation of universities. The rankings are based on analysis of many indicators, including patent applications and excerpts from research papers.

KU Leuven, founded by Pope Martin Martin in 1425, is the oldest Catholic university in the world. Part of KU's modern mission is to conduct comprehensive and advanced scientific research. The school is open to all beliefs and works independently of the church.

University of Erlangen, Germany

The University of Erlangen, the second most innovative university in Europe, founded in 1743, is a state research institute in Erlangen and Nuremberg in Bavaria, Germany. The institution is also known as the Friedrich-Alexander University. Key academics, including physicist Hans Geiger, co-inventor of the Geiger counter, and Georg Simon Ohm, a pioneer of electrochemical engineering, have studied or taught at the university.

Imperal College London

Ranked third among the most innovative universities in Europe, Imperial College London is a public research university serving more than 17,000 students from more than 125 countries. Founded in 1907 as part of the University of London, Imperial College London became fully independent in July 2007. Currently, it focuses on the four major disciplines of science, engineering, medicine and business. Throughout history, Imperial College researchers have introduced the world to groundbreaking innovations, including the discovery of penicillin and the development of holography and fiber optics.

Here Europe's Most Innovative Universities

1    Catholic University of Leuven-Belgium

2    University of Erlangen, Nuremberg-Germany

3    Imperial College, London-England

4    University of Cambridge, UK

5    EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne-Switzerland

6    University College London, UK

7    Technical University of Munich, Germany

8    University of Manchester, UK

9    University of Zurich, Switzerland

10    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich-Switzerland

11    Ruprecht Karl University, Heidelberg-Germany

12    University of Oxford, UK

13    Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

14    University of Leiden, Netherlands

15    University of Paris Sud, Paris, France

16    University of Technology Delft, Netherlands

17    University of Montpellier, France

18    University of Paris, Descartes-France

19    University of Basel, Switzerland

20    University of Munich, Germany

21    Kings College London, England

22    University of Sorbonne, France

23    Free University of Berlin, Germany

24    University of Bordeaux, France

25    University of Utrecht, Netherlands


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