German Course for Family Union

Family Reunification German Course

You can take this course as a One-to-One PRIVATE Lesson. You can also get these lessons in groups of 2 if you wish.

Course Level: A1 & A2 Basic level training is provided.

Course Duration: 104 hours Total

Lessons are given in the classroom environment in Ankara and Online Live Courses in other provinces.

What is Family Reunification (Familienzusammenführung) and Family Visa?

Family Reunification is not a single process, but rather a name that consists of a series of processes. Parties to family reunification are basically individuals who belong to the nuclear family. If at least one of the family members is in another country and the other family member or individuals want to live together by living with someone living abroad in another country, the family reunification process has started.

The radical reforms of the residence law require foreigners who wish to settle with their spouse in Germany while still requesting a visa to prove that they have a simple level of knowledge of German in their country. With this arrangement, it is aimed to ensure that these people who will come to Germany participate in social life, at least in a simple way, by communicating in German.

The person who will come to Germany with his wife must prove that he can communicate at least at a simple German level at the time of visa application. The level of German with the basic level of knowledge is the level of knowledge of the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" level A1, developed by the Council of Europe.

Since it is aimed to facilitate daily life in Germany, the exam especially measures the ability to communicate.

The German certificate submission does not mean that the necessary knowledge of German is directly proven in the visa application. The “Visa Section” will make the final decision regarding the visa request. In cases of doubt, a re-evaluation can be made about the accuracy of the certificate of the applicant's knowledge of German and whether German knowledge is reasonable and up to date. Therefore, attendance and assignment follow-up is essential.

The exam consists of four parts:

1) Speaking Skills: Self-knowledge, daily practical German patterns, questions, and answers are measured to meet our daily needs.

2) Reading Comprehension: Emphasis is placed on understanding the content of small reading texts, answering questions on the subject, and understanding the text.

3) Writing Skill: You are asked to write a letter or mail on a subject. While writing, attention is paid to the basic structure of patterns, tenses, and sentence.

4) Understanding Listening: Studies are carried out to understand the text of the listened daily life and measure what is understood.

All of the courses are taught by German, formation, and expert trainers.

Original course materials are used.

Our program is based on a student-centered approach.

Additional activities (speaking activities, word activities, etc.) are offered.

Learning is facilitated by drawing attention to similar aspects of German and Turkish.

The latest technology is used for the lessons.

Who Can Make Family Reunification?

In order to make a family reunion, a certain degree of kinship and some conditions are sought. While dealing with this issue, since there are similar situations for almost all countries, the explanation will continue through the most commonly applied countries, Germany, and England. The closeness of the person who lives in the country you want to go to for family reunification and you want to reunite with;

The couple connected by marriage,

-          Engaged

-          Your partner who lived together

-          Your mom or dad

-          Your brother

-          You may have a child.


For more details of the program, please contact us via E-mail or telephone.


Telephone: +90 312 431 78 96

 Mobile:      +90 505 287 30 20

  • 2 January 2021, Saturday
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