How can children learn English at home?


Nowadays, for children, learning English has become a must. Some important methods should be used when teaching children English at home. Experts say that foreign language teaching should be started at a very early age. In this article, you can find effective advice for families that aim their children to learn English at home.

Daily English Vocabulary Studies

It is best to start this by teaching an English word regularly every day. When the child learns a new word, you should also teach its English equivalent. You should start teaching English with simple words. You should start with colours, animals, fruits, numbers and words that are constantly used. It is possible to make this teaching process enjoyable with the objects in the house. You can continue this teaching regularly with the tools and dishes at the table while eating.

English Songs and Cartoons

You can increase your child's level of English by playing simple English songs from time to time throughout the day. If your child manages to memorize simple lyrics and a few songs, s/he will also understand the phonetics of that language. In addition, if you have English cartoons watch for simple conversations, the language learning process will be a pleasant one for your child. Since the child will hear the use of words in the sentence in these films s/he watches, her/his learning will be more and permanent. If a relationship is established between the scene and the words in the cartoons s/he watches, the speed of learning that language will increase. The more senses s/he addresses while teaching a foreign language, the more permanent it is to learn the language.

English Story Books

It will be useful to read storybooks written in English with them while teaching English to children at home. Such storybooks usually consist of 5 levels. Even if your child's level of knowledge is higher, it will be better to start from the first level. You can progressively move to other levels over time. You can take advantage of the dictionary where it cannot be understood. While doing this, you should continue to teach English without boring the child. You should make sure that the child leaves without difficulty when you observe that he is bored. It is more useful to adjust the working environment whenever he wants. Thus, your child will be able to see himself as an active subject in the process.

Being Exposed to English in Every Field

In fact, when teaching English to the child at home, you should leave him alone with English to be the most beautiful and efficient. Computer games s/he played can be an effective way. Also changing the phone language will be effective. In other words, the more the child needs English, the more willingness and effort to learn will increase. He will have to learn English words s/he hears while playing. In addition, communicating with the English teacher at your school will enable you to progress on a healthier and right ground. Knowing the subjects that children learn at school will provide positive support for your home curriculum. Frequent use of English words and simple phrases in the family will draw him into learning English without realizing it and make him learn in a pleasant way.

Social Environments

In order to make her/him repeat the words s/he has learned and to keep his self-esteem alive, you can have her/him teach it to friends or individuals in the family. While the child tries to explain what s/he knows to others, s/he will both repeat and understand what s/he has learned. An important point to remember is that children love every job they achieve. You can have them do what they learned at school. Learning a few new words every day will make her/him feel good. If you appreciate what the child is doing, when s/he sees what s/he has learned leads to praise, s/he will now strive to make it permanent. It is very important for children to be praised and appreciated in terms of education.

Using Technology

When teaching English at home, it is important to use technology very well and on-site. You can use websites, mobile applications in this process. It is now very easy to access information on every subject in the information age. It is possible to reach quickly and easily what you want to know with a single button. Using the blessings of being in the technology age correctly and consciously will speed up the English learning process.

It is known that children learn foreign languages is easier than adults. However, you should ensure that the child repeats what he has learned frequently. The main thing is to ensure that this training takes place regularly and without interruption. Language is something that is quickly forgotten when not in use. For this reason, the child will need to repeat the words s/he has learned frequently.

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Practical recommendations to learn English at home

Practical recommendations to learn English at home