One-to-One English and foreign Language Courses

ONE-to-ONE English & Language Courses

Candelas is the first Educational Consultancy Company to organize one to one or individual English and Turkish classes to answer the specific needs of our students. The One-on-One English and Turkish language classes vary from a minimum of 2-4 hours a day to a maximum of 150 hours in nine months. Each student is considered individually for whom we organize, prepare and execute an ideal English and Turkish language program which combines the personal needs of the student with the time he or she has to study English or Turkish in Turkey.

Each student receives personalized care and depending on his or her language goals and available time to study, Candelas organizes an individualized lesson plan for that student.

In as little as two to three weeks, One-on-One students can expect a solid level of proficiency in both written and spoken English and Turkish languages and will be able to communicate effectively. CANDELAS offers a variety of scheduling options to meet every student's needs.

If you think that a class atmosphere is not suitable for you,

If you do not have time to spend your hours going to and coming from any language courses,

If you feel uncomfortable in a crowded class atmosphere,

You are at the right address....

Some of the courses you may take one-to-one are as below:

•    General Communicative English – Turkish

•    Turkish and English for specific purposes.

•    TOEFL – IELTS – and other language test preparations

•    Business English

•    TURKISH courses for foreigners in Turkey.

** If you would like, you can have these courses ONLINE in LIVE LESSONS which are planned according to you schedule. **


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English & Certificate Programs

English & Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs, VIP group and One-to-One English, TOEFL IBT, TOEIC and IELTS courses

Education Abroad Services

Education Abroad Services

Study Abroad Programs in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Eurpean Countries.

International Cultural Exchange

International Cultural Exchange

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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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Video Gallery

Video Gallery

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Testimonials About Candelas

Testimonials About Candelas

Here, You can read the testimonials from our students, teachers working with us and our clients.

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While taking your English lessons online from MyECO in specially designed virtual classrooms, you will not feel a need for a face to face classroom lesson.

Candelas Education is 13 years old

MyECO Online English

While taking your English lessons online from MyECO in specially designed virtual classrooms, you will not feel a need for a face to face classroom lesson.All the content of MyECO has been designed suitable to the levels of The Common European Framework of Languages. Our video lessons have been prepared carefully and exclusively. You will learn through intensive exercises and drills.







Combined English Courses (in Turkey and abroad)

Combined English Courses (in Turkey and abroad)