Online Foreign Language Training

Online Foreign Language Education

Language plays a very important role in human life. This is a social phenomenon. One of the main aims of the language is to communicate with and understand people. The person uses his / her language for many different purposes, for example, to express feelings, to ask for help and to apologize.

Languages use sounds, symbols, and words to express a meaning, idea, or thought. Language training means teaching and learning a language. It also includes a student's efforts to improve the mother tongue. Language education is a branch of applied linguistics.

Although thousands of languages are spoken in the world, there are prominent languages. For example, English is a widely used language in the world today. Many people who want to be successful in business, education or social life make special efforts to learn a foreign language other than their native language.

This need has been met for many years with courses for these languages and courses in formal education institutions. For this purpose, while only written and visual materials were used, with the development of technology, firstly records, then cassettes, CDs, computers and the internet were started to be used in the language education sector.

In order to learn a language in advance, a teacher who speaks that language as a mother tongue is needed to be physically present in the classroom, but this is no longer a necessity. Because with the increase in data speed on the internet, it became possible to learn any language from a native speaker with a teacher at the other end of the world.

This also allowed any language to be learned at affordable prices and superior service quality. Another convenience provided by online foreign language education is that it can be performed at the desired time and at the desired location. For example, after having dinner, it is possible to receive language training in the comfort of your home.

Online Foreign Language Study Options

Deciding can be a very challenging process because there are so many online foreign language education options available on the Internet. Below are the leading online foreign language study options for you:

1. Duolingo

Duolingo, one of the most popular language-learning applications. With multiple-choice questions and games, you can record your translations and keep track of how you progress over time with the application that contributes to your development in reading, listening and speaking. Tests and games in the application with a fun interface make language learning more enjoyable.

2. Babbel

Babbel is an app implemented for those who do not have enough time to learn the language. It has 10 to 15 minutes of lessons where you can learn languages on the go using your Android or iOS mobile device. Babbel also helps you improve your speaking skills by chatting in real-time with native English speakers.

3. Udemy

Udemy is a very wide range of options offering over 100,000 courses on a wide range of subjects including learning a foreign language. In addition to popular courses such as Spanish, Russian and Japanese, you can also learn languages such as Mandarin Chinese using this portal.

4. Memrise

Memrise is a language learning app that aims to teach up to two million words and phrases. Memrise, unlike other applications, makes the language learning experience a game and is almost addictive.

5. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the most prominent applications when it comes to learning a new language and is designed especially for those who are serious about learning a language in the easiest possible way.


MyECO gives online one-to-one private English lessons. We encourage you to review the MyECO web page, which offers a different approach to online English education, and contact them if you feel you need it.

Online Language Education Fees

The fee for online language education is a very complex issue. However, it is a fact that no application is completely free. If you take language learning seriously, you should keep in mind that you have to allocate a certain budget and free yourself of the appeal of free applications. If you do good research, it is possible to find the best application for your budget.

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