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A Guide for Education in the UK

The UK ranks among the top international students of Europe and the World. It stems from the high quality of British educational institutions.

Many popular schools in the UK are at the top of the world rankings. Examples of British universities in the world rankings include Cambridge UniversityOxford UniversityImperial CollegeLondon School of EconomicsKing’s CollegeNottingham UniversityBristol UniversityBath UniversityExeter University. 

Students in the UK who have a university or a master's degree are legally permitted to work for one year at the end of their studies.

Summer Schools in England

Students attending UK Summer schools have had the experience of being so far away from their families for the first time, while the summer school programs offered by some schools, which children and parents can join together, have attracted attention in recent years.

The fact that some UK summer school programs have a credit course system and that students can have the courses they take at summer school in their schools when they return home makes the summer school programs attractive.

Summer Schools in the UK

In the UK Summer School with activity, students study English from morning to noon and attend events in the afternoons.

In UK summer schools, English classes focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In the afternoons, students participate in activities. Examples of these activities; Tennis, Football, Dance, Drama are examples. There are also half-day excursions on weekdays and full-day excursions on weekends.

In UK Summer Schools, some of the active summer schools are organized on university campuses. Students stay in university dormitories. Homestay accommodation is also common in summer schools with activities.

Family and Child Programs

Students who participate in these programs with their families receive English education and participate in activities with their age groups.

Parents who participate in the program with their children can take English lessons together with their age groups. Family and children can stay in the same place. The ages of the participants can be between 8 and 17.

Language Schools in the UK

General English

In the General English Programs offered at UK language schools, students study reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Classes in English language schools are usually 10-12 students.

Students can study General English at the College or the language department of a university.

Lessons start every Monday.

Students receive their certificates approved by the school when they finish their studies.

Intensive English

The duration of these programs varies from 25 hours to 30 hours per week.

Intensive English programs offered at UK Language Schools are generally preferred among students who cannot be found in the UK for a long time for language education.

Students who have a low level of English and who will continue their university or master's education abroad or in a program where they will study English prefer these programs to maximize their language proficiency.

Programs have flexible start dates as in General English programs.

Long Term Package Programs

The duration of long-term package programs is usually a minimum of eight weeks.

Students can register from the beginning level of the program.

IELTS Preparation Programs

IELTS exam; It is an exam to prove the English proficiency of students who want to study in the UK, apply for a master's degree or participate in certificate programs.

Those who wish to participate in this program must have a certain level of English.

In the UK, IELTS Prep Programs are offered in some schools as long as 4-6 months, while in some UK language schools, they are only provided as short as 4-6 weeks.

In the UK, IELTS Prep Programs are generally preferred at UK Language Schools in major cities such as London and Cambridge.

TOEFL Preparation Programs

Students who are enrolled in the programs are required to have a certain level of English knowledge.

Program starts are not every Monday, unlike General English programs. There are specific start dates.

Vocational English Programs

These programs aim to educate students with a certain level of English so that they can master the terminology in their field and express themselves freely in correspondence and presentations.

Professional English programs include Medical English, Legal English, English for Secretaries, English for Tourism, English for Fashion, etc. programs.

In order to participate in these programs, a certain level of English is required.

English for Professionals

The aim of this program; to hire professionals with less time to meet their needs as soon as possible. There are few people in the classroom. Programs are usually 2-3 weeks. Start dates start every Monday and not certain times.

In addition, some schools are able to prepare and offer personalized programs upon the request of professionals.

Teacher Training Programs

These programs can be attended by experienced English teachers or prospective English teachers.

English teachers and prospective teachers who have received these certificates are an important step in their careers.

The program duration is usually 2-3 weeks. There are certain start dates.

Business English Programs

In order to participate in these programs, a certain level of English is required.

Programs are usually requested by people in the business world.

Within the framework of the program, business terms, and correspondence language in business life is taught.

Program durations are designed for adults who can participate in these programs during employee and holiday periods.

Law English Programs

At least Intermediate level of English is required for participation.

Students attending the program are trained to master the legal terms and legal correspondence.

Some of the language schools offer training for those preparing for TOLES (Test of Legal English).

University Education in the UK

Study time in the UK is for three years. There is one-year preparatory training before 3-year training. This preparatory year is called the Foundation.

Foundation; English is not preparatory education. Orsa Foundation is the education that the student wants to study in any field. Students may receive Foundation training at the University or a College. In order to participate in this program, a certain level of English is required. If they do not have sufficient level of English, they need to study English.

Successfully completing the Foundation education, the student starts his undergraduate education. England For university applications, the student's high school grades in his / her country, success in the Foundation, and IELTS score are important.

Students can take university education in many areas, from Engineering to Business, from Fashion to Communication at British Universities.

About Master Education in the UK

In the UK, the master education period is one year. Students are required to prove their English proficiency with IELTS (some schools also accept TOEFL results).

Students can still apply if they have not yet taken the English proficiency exam. In this case, schools send “Conditional Admission” to the student.

In addition to English proficiency, the GPA is also important.

Pre-Masters Programs

For students who do not have a high GPA and are considering applying to a master's program in a different field than the undergraduate program they have taken, pre-master programs are an alternative to Pre-Masters programs.

The duration of the Pre-Masters program varies between 3, 6, and 9 months.

In the content of Pre-Masters programs, students take some basic courses and IELTS Prep courses.

Ph.D. Education in UK

The duration of doctoral education is three years. Doctoral education is suitable for students who are interested in a field and want to research in that field.

The students' previous academic background, the field they want to do research, and their English proficiency are taken into consideration during the application process.

Students are required to prove their level of English with IELTS.

Fees for doctoral programs vary according to schools.

High School Education in the UK

In order to study high school in the UK, it is necessary to have a good command of English. In addition, during the admission process, the grades taken by the students in their schools are taken into consideration.

Because students are under 18, security is one of the most critical issues in schools.

Accommodation is on campus or in dormitories located very close to the school. Fees vary depending on schools.


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