The Most Interesting English Idioms

English idioms can sometimes be challenging for ESL, EFL, IELTS, TOEFL and university prep students. English idioms have great importance in the preparation for those English exams. Interesting English idioms will make your work easier and will contribute to your vocabulary. In this article, you will find some of the most interesting English idioms.

A blessing in disguise: A good thing that initially seemed bad

-  Losing that job turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him as it forced him to plunge into business. (

A dime a dozen: Something that is very common, not unique

-  Store coupons come a dime a dozen and can be found stuffed in mailboxes and littering the streets. (

Adding insult to injury: To make a bad situation even worse

-  She not only deceived him but, to add insult to injury, allowed him to pay for her meal. (

Beat around the bush: Avoid sharing your true viewpoint or feelings because it is uncomfortable

-  Lloyd was in no mood to beat around the bush, and so put direct the question he wished answered. (

Don’t judge a book by its cover: Not judging something or someone by looking to its initial appearance

- In Los Angeles, you can’t judge a book by its cover because some of the richest people shop in jeans and a T-shirt. (

Give somebody your word: To promise to do something:

-  I give you my Word I won't tell your secret to anyone. (

Feeling under the weather: Not feeling well, or feeling sick

-  Since Ellis was under the weather, the other group members struggled with completing the project. (

Keep somebody posted: Regularly give someone information about something they are interested in.

-  Please keep me posted about any developments about your new job. (

Losing your bearings: Become confused about where you are and where other things are

-  I lost my bearings for a moment, but then realized where I was. (

No pain, no gain: You have to work hard in order to see results

-  Work on yourself and live your dreams or leave them. No pain no gain! (

On the ball: Doing a good job, being prompt, or being responsible

-  He was right on the ball regarding his assessment of the situation. (

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