Translating and Interpreting

In Turkish, the concepts of translator and interpreter are often confused. The person who translates a document written in any language into another language is called a translator, and the person who translates a speech in another language into another language is called an interpreter. Recently, the term translator has been used to cover both terms.

The growth of Turkey's economy growing economic and political cooperation with Turkey and all over the world, the demand for professional translators and interpreters is increasing with each passing day. Globalization has made the translation and interpreting services market one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. In many countries, interpreters are required to have accepted and approved qualifications. the situation is not different in Turkey. All these issues have made the translation and interpreting departments of universities an excellent career choice.

Department of Translation and Interpreting

The Departments of Translation and Interpreting at Universities offer undergraduate and graduate education opportunities that enable students to acquire the expertise needed to work as a language specialist and develop their skills and passion for languages. Exposure to a wide range of texts from law and finance to literature and the media ensures that graduates are well prepared to respond to the dynamic translation market. Interpreting students are also exposed to a variety of interpreting contexts and are trained by internationally experienced, experienced conference interpreters to equip them to the demands of the profession.

In addition to the practical training offered at universities, students are introduced to academic disciplines of translation and interpretation, covering a wide range of fields including literature, film and adaptation studies, media, subtitles and dubbing, website translations and multimedia.

Graduates of the Department of Translation and Interpreting are generally able to find jobs in the tourism industry, local government and commerce, as well as work as freelancers. Interpreters can also work at international conferences, local and national government agencies and international communities. The nature of the programs also makes it possible for students to enter a range of related fields such as publishing, editing, journalism, public relations, marketing and promotion and advertising. Nowadays, the problem of not being able to find a job is lower for graduates of the Department of Translation and Interpreting.

Turkey in Translating and Interpreting

In our country, many universities have interpreting department. Although there are departments in many different languages, English translation and interpreting departments are generally popular. Based on YGS scores, it is possible to rank the most prominent ones as follows:

1. İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University

2. Izmir University of Economics

3. Hacettepe University

4. University of Çankaya

5. Yaşar University

6. Eastern Mediterranean University

7. Istanbul University

8. Istanbul 29 Mayıs University

9. Marmara University

10. Ege University

After graduating translators operating in Turkey are able to find jobs in both the public and private sectors. There are also graduates employed in international organizations. Although there are no major problems in the public sector in general, there are some difficulties especially for translators working in the private sector. This is because the interpreters do not have a professional chamber and legislation that determines occupational standards and professional competence.

These difficulties are possible for graduates of translation and interpreting departments of universities to establish a translation office or to work in these offices without any conditions. Proficiency certification is not possible due to lack of occupational standards. This reduces the quality of the translations and may cause people with any level of language skills to operate in the translation sector.

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