Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (further - ONAFT) is one of the oldest higher educational institutions of Ukraine, and trains specialists and scientific cadre for industries which are of demand in many countries of the world. These include various sectors of the food industry, which are currently one of the most important domains in the economy of any country, as well as tourism, hotel and catering business, various areas of information technologies, refrigerating and cryogenic equipment, thermal electrical engineering, alternative and renewable energy sources, oil and gas industry, ecology, marketing etc.

ONAFT is a higher educational institution of Grade IV, i.e. the highest level of accreditation, and in 2002, for high results in training specialists for Ukraine and many world countries, it was granted the title of National Academy. The Academy now trains specialists in 38 speciality fields at 11 departments.

ONAFT has been training foreign specialists since 1951. Today, in accordance with the license issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (further – MESU), the Academy enrols foreign citizens for study at the preparatory section, basic departments with levels of bachelor, specialist, master, as well as to postgraduate study, doctoral study courses, and for practical training on various specialities.

Knowledge and skills acquired by foreign citizens during their study at the ONAFT’s preparatory section enable them to successfully continue their study at basic departments of our Academy.

Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (Onaft) is recognized in Ukraine and abroad with the modern scientific and innovative center for training highly qualified personnel for the food processing industry agricultural industries and research on the development of functional foods with 110 years of experience of successful activity. Over the years the Academy, as a higher education institution that has trained more than 90,000 professionals, including more than 5000 graduates - the citizens of 75 countries. Graduates Onaft - known scientists, engineers, managers at various levels who have succeeded not only through thorough professional knowledge, but also thanks to the harmonious combination in the educational process of the disciplines that enhance the outlook of a young man teach logical and think outside the box, contribute to the formation of personality.

Fees structure for the program


Description                                                        First year










Tuition Fees*

* tuition in Russian, price for 10 months preparatory faculty is 800 USD



o      Economics

o      Accounting and taxation  

o      Management 

o      Public Administration 

o      Marketing 

o      Business, trade and exchange activities 

o      Environmental studies  

o      Computer sciences and information technologies 

o      Computer engineering  

o      Applied mechanics  

o      Industrial machinery engineering  

o      Electrical energetic, electrical engineering and electromechanics 

o      Power machinery  

o      Thermal power engineering 

o       Automation and computer-integrated technologies  

o      Biotechnology and bioengineering  

o      Food technology 

o      Environmental protective technology  

o      Oil and gas engineering and technology  

o      Hotel, restaurant and catering  

o   Tourism  





• Consultation by email and telephone due to choice of University;

·  Registration of documents and other questions connected with staying in Ukraine;

• Accept and preliminary assessment of documents;

• Translation of documents (if necessary);

• Legalization of documents (if necessary);

• Invitation for study in Ukraine;

• Sending original invitation letter by courier services (“TNT”, “DHL”, “EMS”);

• Preparation documents of enrollee for admission;

• Booking place for study in chosen university;

• Visa support ? Help in registration (OVIR);

• Airport pick-up;

• Transfer to university;

• Medical Insurance;

• Insurance of immigrants;

• Help in payment for study in university;

• Help in buying flying tickets;

• Help with medical check-up;

• Help with registration in university;

• Student card + International Student Card (by individual request);

• Sim-card and connection with Internet;

• Permit card to hostel;

• An excursion around the city and university;

• Opening of a Bank Account in Ukraine;

• Intermediary services in education sphere;

• Search flats for rent;

• Services in cultural and rest direction.












Accommodation for students (service of hostel) including annual medical and immigration insurance


Total expense without  tuition fees



Total expense for first year including tuition fees


2nd to 5th

Tuition Fees

Accommodation (hostel) including annual medical and immigration insurance




Total expense for next years



Please contact us for further information and enrollment process.

Telephone: +90 312 431 78 96

Mobile: + 90 505 287 30 20

E-mail: info@candelasegitim.com

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