What is CELTA? How can you join a CELTA course?

What is CELTA? How can you attend the CELTA course?

CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) is the most recognized and recognized English teaching certificate worldwide. Awarded by the University of Cambridge English Language Assessment. This means that you can rely on CELTA's quality and accreditation. Each year, more than 10,000 people around the world complete a CELTA course.

CELTA is the most sought after TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate by employers worldwide. According to a survey conducted by Cambridge English in 2015, 70% of job vacancies specifically demand CELTA. Analysis of 500 advertisements on 23 international job search websites in 56 countries yielded 350 references to CELTA. In the UK alone, 91 percent of employers want their teachers to have CELTA. In addition, a part of the CELTA course is devoted exclusively to professional development and employment after graduation.


Here are the top 5 reasons to take the CELTA course:

1. CELTA is the most sought-after qualification for TEFL jobs worldwide.

2. CELTA is administered not only occasionally but by Cambridge University in the course of each course.

3. Instructors are highly qualified, experienced instructors who have been trained in established CELTA teacher training centers.

4. Recognized as a Level 5 Qualification by the British Curriculum Authority and follows an approved curriculum.

5. CELTA has real-life teaching practices in an authentic classroom setting.

What Does CELTA Teach?

CELTA raises awareness of a language and provides information on how to apply English in professional practice. It provides an in-depth understanding of the contexts, motivations, and roles of teachers and students in English. It enables the learners of English to become familiar with the effective teaching principles and practices. Students gain the basic skills to teach a language in language class. Familiarize with appropriate resources and materials to learn, teach, test and reference English.

CELTA Course Formats

CELTA courses are available in different formats:

Full-Time CELTA

Full-time CELTA is the most popular course format and is a 45-week intensive week-long course from nine to five.

Part-Time CELTA

The most common form is a period of several months to one year. It is a two-day weekday and a half-day course on Saturday.

Online Mix CELTA

This option allows the majority of the course to be completed online. However, you must visit the center to complete the training application.

How is the evaluation done?

Throughout the course, you are constantly assessed through your teaching practices and written assignments. However, only these are not considered in the evaluations. CELTA instructors take into account, among other things:

- Responsible and professional attitude towards learning

- Planning and teaching your lessons

- Punctuality and organization (100% off course)

- Your response to your feedback

- General progress and professionalism in the field

As a result of the assessment, you complete the course with one of the following grades:

- Pass - A

- Pass - B

- Pass

- Unsuccessful

How can I take the CELTA course?

There are centers for teaching qualification CELTA course in Turkey. In order to take the CELTA course in any of the above formats, you must contact the following centers. For more information, please visit the CELTA website.

CELTA Teaching Qualification Centers

1. Anadolu University School of Foreign Languages

2. British Side Education Services

3. International House Izmir

4. Izmir University of Economics

5. MEF University

6. Mentora College Teacher Training Center

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