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Learning English is a must now. Learning English and proving this language skill are privileged in both education and business life.

Latest Proficiency Exam: IELTS Life Skills

In order to prove their language skills, students take various exams. One of those exams is the newest qualification exam offered by the British Council: IELTS Life Skills (IELTS UKVI). This test measures the individual's speaking and listening skills. It is a test designed to meet specific British visa categories and immigration requirements.

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) divides IELTS Life Skills into two levels, A1 and B1. IELTS Life Skills A1 applicants are eligible for family, spouse, or partner visas. B1 is for British citizenship or residential applicants. So, what should candidates expect from this test?

IELTS Life Skills Content

The IELTS Life Skills test is divided into two main parts. In the first part, the candidates are asked to ask and answer questions about familiar subjects. The second part is the combination of listening and speaking. IELTS Life Skills has two candidates in the interview room. This exam is to measure how well someone uses English to communicate. The interviewer gives scenarios that two of the candidates have to complete together. This test lasts from 16 to 18 minutes for A1 and 22 minutes for B1.

How to Do IELTS Life Skills?

Candidates take this exam face to face with the examiner. Topics in the discussion may relate to personal experiences, personal information, family, shopping, work, health, education, hobbies, public transport, housing, or weather.

IELTS Life Skills

Candidates are evaluated in the following four key areas: obtaining information, communicating information, talking for communication, and initiating discussion. Candidates must have developed particular skills to be successful.

IELTS Life Skills Preparation

We answered questions such as what is the IELTS Life Skills exam, what areas it covers, what is its content. So how do you prepare for this exam?

As this is a speech and listening test, candidates must have developed their listening and comprehension skills. Apart from that, here are a few more tips for you to pass IELTS UKVI.

IELTS Life Skills Preparation Tactics

Improve your vocabulary

Your vocabulary plays a vital role in speaking English. People cannot express themselves when they cannot find the right word to convey. Reading English materials is recommended to improve this.

Be familiar with the topics

There are some exercises online. These are useful for candidates to have preparation for how they can create or answer questions in their minds.

Improve your listening skills

It is essential to understand what a given task is to think about appropriate answers. It is crucial for an interactive discussion to listen carefully to what others ask or what information they give in their responses.

Find a partner to talk to

This partner will help you improve your communication skills and increase your confidence in using the English language.

Work with IELTS work centers

Studying with speech teachers will help you succeed in the test.

IELTS Life Skills is an easy test, so you don't have to worry too much. You can get detailed information about the exams at IELTS.org.

You can get an adequate grade from this exam when you practice regularly using the right techniques. Of course, in addition to the correct studying tactics, it would be an excellent choice to receive services from an experienced and competent training center.

Candelas Training for the IELTS Life Skills (IELTS UKVI)

Candelas Education, which is the first choice of Ankara IELTS course seekers, provides high-level education for the IELTS Life Skills exam as well as many fields of English education with its expert and experienced staff.

Get contact now with Candelas meet the quality and preparing for the IELTS exams: +90 312 431 78 96 - +90 505 287 30 20. You can also send your questions to info@candelasegitim.com.

  • 26 December 2019, Thursday
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