Candelas is looking for University Ambassadors

Dear University Student ,

As Candelas International we are offering  you a perfect opportunity. While  carrying on your education , you can both earn money and  invest in your future by contributing to your career. The only thing you must do is to be ‘ The School Ambassador’.

Necessary Qualifications :

1- Presantasyonun yüksek olmalı.

2- Your self confidence must be high.

3- Your English level must be at least Elementary Level.

4- You must be eager to earn money. Your motivation must be high for this..

5- You must be willing and socio-culturally ready to go abroad.

6- You must be willing and open to improve yourself.

7- You must be both enterprising and positive. You must have big dreams.

What will you acquire when you become the School Ambassador ?

1- You will have the chance to earn a high amount of money without harming your school and education.

2- You will have the opportunity of free education.

3- You will have the opportunity of working in the USA.

4- You can take the advantage of many courses abroad at discount.

5- You can have the opportunity to have a Master’s degree abroad after university.

What will you have to do when you become the School Ambassador ?

All of the details will be explained to you at our office after you are being selected.

I want to be the School Ambassador ! WHAT SHOULD I DO ?

If you are interested in our offer , fill in the CV form without losing any time.

Please do not fill it inadequately ! Tell about yourself in details in the ‘Appendix’ section.

You can reach the CV by clicking on the picture below.

Good Luck !


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  • 31 March 2018, Saturday
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