Free Applications That Teach English

Free Applications That Teach English

Learning English, which has become a world language, is now much easier with the developing technology. Unfortunately, we cannot learn enough about this language, which has been in our lives since our primary school life and we have been educated in schools for years. Although we have studied as a course during our twelve years of education, unfortunately, most of us cannot make sentences in English even after school is over. He does not even understand what is spoken, let alone making sentences in English. Unfortunately, education in schools is not enough to learn English. After school, many people are trying to find different ways to learn English, the most effective techniques. Various alternatives such as private courses, online learning, and phone applications have increased with the advancing technology. Various alternatives are now offered to anyone who wants to learn English. There are even free English teaching apps and websites. As long as one wants to learn and improve himself. There are also many free English-language apps that teach the same quality and the same level of education as in private courses.

The free English applications chosen by people who are especially fond of their comfort and want to learn at home are just away from your mobile phone. It is now much easier to learn English with free English applications that you can download to your mobile phone. You can download these applications, which you can easily access at home, at work, or on the bus, to your phone for free. You can work wherever you want to study. These applications, where you determine the time and place of the course, are of special course quality. It is possible to learn and speak English in a short time if you follow the lesson plans in the applications and study devotedly.


We have researched and compiled applications that you can learn English for free. Here are the most preferred apps for learning English:


Although it is a successful application, it is also a London based application. After choosing any language you want, you proceed with the logic of gamifying this language. Useful as well as a fun application.


It is an effective application for both learning and practicing languages. It makes it easier for you to learn English with memory exercises, pronunciation facilities, speaking lessons, and writing practice. You can download it for both Android and IOS platforms reliably and for free.


You can use Babbel to learn 14 different languages in total, allowing you to learn English by focusing on your areas of interest. You can safely download this application, which provides language teaching with 15-minute lessons, to your phone.


By preparing study sets for its users, it motivates them more to learn languages. If you love learning with your classmates or students, Quizlet is for you. Because it offers the opportunity to learn with your loved ones. It creates an effective teaching environment by using visuals and sounds quite often.


Lingualeo, which offers the opportunity to reach many different contents such as grammar courses and English articles, is an application that works without an internet connection. It contains more than 100 annotated and illustrated word sets. It is offered to you as free English applications for Android and IOS platforms.


Contents; This application, which consists of movies, music videos, documentaries, and cartoons, offers English teaching more fun. It allows you to learn the language with short video clips.


Cambly is an application that works completely online. You meet with native English speakers and practice by speaking, and the most important thing in learning a language is to have environments where you can practice by speaking.


In this mobile application, which has users from 180 countries, you have the opportunity to make friends and talk one to one. It helps you socialize and you can practice online. You can start learning a language by finding your language partner!


Another new generation application where you can come together with people who want to learn languages from all over the world is HelloTalk. You can find the opportunity to strengthen your social network, discover new cultures, and chat by meeting people with careers and members from many other walks of life. The free application allows you to communicate with people both in voice and in writing.

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