This course is for those who completed the elementary level of English. You will learn all the skills and vocabulary of the intermediate level.
VAT included. Installments to credit card.

About Intermediate B1-B2 Level English Course

This is an Intermediate B1 & B2 Level Course. You can take this course if your level is B1-B2 in our placement test.

The course is 120 hours in total. Each lesson is 50 minutes long.

You can take the course in 3 packages of 40 hours. In this case, you first plan 40 hours. When your course is over, you schedule a new 40 hours.

This course is Online LIVE in the form of private (one-to-one) lessons.

All the books and materials are provided to you during the course.

In the lessons, you will have Grammar + Reading + Listening + Speaking + Vocabulary exercises equally, and you will develop these skills.

The lessons are planned and scheduled together with you, suitable for your daily timetable.

The most important side of the lessons is that they will include essential homework exercises to fill your free time with English.

We follow your learning process with reports throughout your course and periodically share these reports with you.

When you complete your course, you will be entitled to receive a Candelas International Education Certificate.

Now you can choose this lesson and plan with us. When you purchase this course, we will contact you within 24 hours.

If you wish, you can buy our 4-hour trial and recognition lessons before purchasing this course and get to know us and our education system closely.

Before your lesson, please complete the LEVEL PLACEMENT TEST.

Before buying a course, please read our Cancellation / Refund Policy.