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Education in Ukraine – General Information

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Who can take education in Ukraine?

Having graduated from a high school is the main requirement and there is no need to take an exam for admission. After the preparatory year, it is possible to apply for any training program. Anyone who graduated from any department of a high school in Turkey could apply for any program, for instance, one who graduated from an equally weighted department of a high school could apply for the computer science program.

Higher Educational System in Ukraine

After completing the preparatory year (in the Russian Language), you qualify to apply for the university’s training program. Taking educational conditions of the country into consideration, Ukraine is the most economical in terms of training in higher education. Most especially in the last years, Universities of Ukraine have become popular in education.

Tuition Fees in Ukraine

According to the program and the university, tuition expenses are between 1200$ - 3000$ and student residences are also quite inexpensive as fees are between 300$ - 600$ for each year. Conditions of the student residences are adequate but not very good. However, house rents are moderate, starting from 300$ - 400$ as monthly.

English Language Training in Ukraine

Not every university is providing education in the English language. Generally, the training starts in the Russian language for 2 months in the beginning then continues in English. After finishing the preparatory class, you may have 2 types of certificate of language, Russian and English. With Russian language certificate, you could apply any program you wish but with English language certificate you could only apply for programs in the universities listed below;

  1. Odessa National Medical University
  2. Odessa Mechnikov National University
  3. Odessa National Economic University

About High Education Board (YÖK) Equivalence

Recognition of the university by YÖK and YÖK Equivalence are different cases. An application is made to YÖK for equivalence of a diploma obtained from a university recognized by YÖK. Wherever the diploma is from, the procedure is fixed. However, you could find out whether the university that you wish to go is recognized or not. Moreover, Ukraine has agreed Lisbon and Bologna Agreements and all of its universities are acknowledged by the countries of the European Union. Taking an exam for equivalence is a legal right and according to the result, YÖK approves your diploma as suitable and equivalent.

Why Ukraine? Why choosing CANDELAS?

  • All you need is an invitation letter. All applicants receive a copy of an invitation letter within 7 or 10 working days. The original letter is delivered to the address specified by you within 2 weeks.
  • %100 Admission to any university in Ukraine chosen, all recognized by the state.
  • If you want to take higher education in Ukraine, Candelas and Inter Study as Candelas’ Ukraine office will help you with a quality consultancy in choosing 250 different training programs.
  • Candelas and its partner Inter Study Consulting provides you services in a wide range, from student’s first day in Ukraine to graduation, also helps and supports in the period of searching for a job.


Study in Ukraine


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